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-86° C  / -40° C

ULT -86° C Freezers by B Science

We deliver more than just storage

The new range of ULT freezers -86° C is developed to ensure you a trouble free usage of ultra low temperature storage – based on safe cascade system.

The most reliable refrigeration system in the world. With its large Touch screen, it is the most user friendly ULT freezer made today.

We deliver all our PREMIUM LINE products with fully documented testing(PQ), SOP, validation guidance, IQ/OQ/PQ, so that you can meet the demands and requirement from the pharma industry worldwide.
All the tests are as standard delivered for each unit in accordance with the serial number of the product. This is without any additional cost!

These are some of the tests that we deliver:

  Several points of temperature test in chamber

  Open door test for each unit

  hold over time by power cut


      Intergrated datalogger 
√      Memory for over 15 years of data
√      Interface protential free remote contact & RS 485 Interface
√      Date & Time
√      Password protected
√      Temperature graph
√      Upload & Download through USB
√      Door lock
     Automatic door closing
      Solid door
      IQ, OQ, PQT (production qualification test)
      PQ test (performance qualification test)

      Visual & acoustic alarms
      All alarms are in text – not codes
      High / Low adjustable temperature alarms
      Power Failure alarm
      Open door alarm
      Track of alarms to be noted automatically
      Probe Failure alarm
      Contact for remote alarm
      Approx. 48 hours battery Backup for alarms & logging
      And other