LABREF100, +1°/+10°C Refrigerator

The LAB Requirement Basic Lines +1° / +10° C is the perfect solution for cold storage in laboratories, universities, hospitals or any scientific laboratories. This line meets the common requirement for basic storage without compromising on the performance

BASIC line Refrigerators are also available with high-end dual glass door. When there is a need for an overview without opening the door, this is the perfect solution for you. All the sizes are available with glass door. BASIC line is a perfect fit if you do not want to compromise the temperature stability.

  • Door lock
  • Magnetic door gasket
  • Open door alarm
  • Self-closing door
  • Solid or glass door
  • Automatic defrost
  • Air forced cooling
  • Monoblock refrigeration
  • Easy to install – Plug & Play
  • Low energy consumption
  • Multiple alarms available

Environmental Effective