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Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer

PlazSter Line by B Science

Clean Technology - Non-toxic Recidue

Once again B SCIENCE GLOBAL has raised the bargain and offers you state of the Art within Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer. The engineering has looked in to every aspect of the process – from each manufacturing part – to the user – to the servicing level. In every step you will find high level of engineering thoughts.

Being the Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer in the world covering most application needs, you will find that Our Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer has the lowest cost of ownership for sterilizing heat & moisture sensitive equipment in CDDS, Respiratory Endoscopy, and Gastroenterology clinics.

With easy installation – plug & play – you are up running right away. The unit is easy to relocate – it meets your location demands at any time.

As a Danish manufacture, one important key point for our company is Clean technology.
Our Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer is therefor without any toxic left over from the sterilization process, have low energy usage and no water consumption.

  Clean technology

  Non-toxic recidue

  Plug and Play – low electricity concumption and no water consumption

√  After a sterilization process the sterilant residue result in water and oxygen 

√  High quality material

  Solid construction

√  Designed and certified according to MDD 93/42/EEC CLASS IIB

√  Low Temperature (37-55 C°) working principle

√  Sterilize with H2O2 Vaporizing Technology

√  Short Cycle: 30 min

√  Long Cycle: 45 min

√  Lumen Cycle: 60 min

      Door safety sensor
√      Visual and acoustic alarm
√      Sensors and Pressure Transducers alerts
√      PlC and Microcontroller that follows all parameters
√      Thermal Print of each sterilization process
√      Emergancy Stop Botton
√      Catridge in closed containment
√      User Password
√      Intregrated memory

√      Humidity and °C degrees Indicator
√      Shows cycle process and at what stage the cycle is at
√      Chamber temperature
√      Air pressure
√      Daily cycles and total cycles
√      Catridge indicator
√      Display settings
√      Time and Date
√      Door control and many more..