LABLTF -45° C Freezers by B Science

It covers you basic storage needs

Our promise

Low GWP & ODP values

The LABLTF Freezer Basic Lines -45° C is the perfect solution for cold storage in laboratories, universities, hospitals or any scientific laboratories.
This line meets the common requirement for basic storage without compromising the performance.


B Science Global Basic Line has minimum same features as other manufactures, which means that it will meet most the standard specification worldwide. This is a cost efficient range without compromising. 

Key Features

√ Door lock
√ Magnetic door gasket
√ Self-closing door
√ Automatic defrost
√ Staticc air cooling
√ Castors with lock
√ Easy to install – Plug & Play
√ Low energy consumption



√ Visual & acoustic alarms
√ High / Low adjustable temperature alarms
√ Open door alarm
√ Contact for remote alarm

model LABLTF
Capacity (liter) 580
Temperature range -45°C / -10°C
External dimension (WDH) mm 740x824x1997