We have all been affected by the Covid-19 virus and our way of life have changed all over the world.
This is a fact. We have all adapted new routines.
Within all these changes, I have noticed one positive thing. The environmental & climate situation has been greatly improved. This is good, and in this spirit; let us continue supporting the environment & climate, even if it is only one small step at a time.
Next time you are going to purchase -86° ULT freezers, go for units with GWP(Global Warming Potential) with value below 10. There are several manufactures in the world, who has changed their production and supplying -86° ULT freezers with low GWP values.
We, at B Science Global is one of them. We do not have any refrigeration unit with GWP value above 10. All our B-ULT -86° freezers has GWP value below 10.
You can find more information on www.bscienceglobal.com or contact us at info@bscienceglobal.com
“what you change today, will be your legacy tomorrow”