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B Mobile Air Sterilizer

The new B Mobile Air Sterilizer device provides disinfection area, thanks to its innovative design & technical construction, which makes it fit for many applications.

A must for many remote clinics as well as households with patient that has low immune system.

B Mobile Air Sterilizer is a compact designed sterilization device. By generating negative Ion and Ozone (03), the device destroys based pathogens, viruses, fungies, molds, bacteria and provides homogeneously air filtration in the located area. Our New B Mobile Air Sterilizer can also be a supplement to the main central system, where you want additional sterilization.



B Mobile Air Sterilizer – works as a stand alone system – it has a complied sterilizer and a negative ion generator. One of the greatest specification of the device is its ability to absorbing the pathogens and harmful gases in the air. This means that the unit actually decontaminates the area by generating photo catalysis reaction in its reactor.

The B Mobile Air Sterilizer has powerful air absorption system which takes the air from the bottom diffusers and provides air circulation.

  • The B Mobile Air Sterilizer consists of 2 filters HEPA / ULPA filteres. These are cartridge type pre-filter and main filter. The filters are easy to replace and then the maintenance time comes, the display will give a change filter alert.
  • The lifespan of UV lamps(6000hrs) can be viewed on the display
  • 3 different air flow mode
  • UV lampe and Uvion module(Ionizer) can be switched On/Off
  • Ozone generation
  • The system is protected by an alarm mechanism
  • The device comes with lockable castors for areas up to 40m2
  • with AirFlow rate of 450m3/h.