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A Story Told

The History of B Science Global goes back to 1993 with the first equipment produced to the laboratories. Since the first equipment left the production facilities, the main goal has been to serve the laboratory, medical & pharmaceutical equipment market with optimal solutions putting the user in the middle.

We at B Science Global do this with our key factors that we will never give up on:
Hard Work

For us it is highly important that we always aim to be the most innovative manufacture in the world. We believe that there is always possibility to think out of the box and bring innovative ideas to the table.

At B Science Global, we need to do so, if we want to be a leader in Entrepreneurship. In our understanding, it is not enough saying it, you must act accordingly to get the result.

To stay Global as B Science Global are, we will work hard for all parts of the value chain. This is what we do best. We at B Science Global do work hard for you as our partner and also for the user of our equipment. I am personally proud to be able to say that if anyone do say no to anything, it is because all the possibilities have been checked.

With your best regards

Bayram Kizil
General Manager
B Science Global
A Danish Manufacture of Lab Equipment